Mohabbat aur Math

so.. this sem i am taking a course on regression analysis.. and my prof started off with reviewing topics in probability and statistics which were a prereq for the course.. and as usual we had an assignment to finish for the wkend.. now u ask me why is that a topic on my blog.. so it so happens that i have two main obsessions going on in my mind rite now.. one is probability distributions.. (because i have a whole chart of them staring at me from the wall in front of me)Sleepy and there is my daily soap - kitni mohabbat hai.. Big smileso when these two clashed in my mind.. i needed a vent and so here i am..Ouch 

i have read ppl trying to explain love inside the laws of physics Shocked(bechare Newton, kya soch ke likha tha.. aur kya ho gaya).. so herez my mathematical mohabbat ke types:Confused

to start out.. the simplest type is defined by a bernoulli distribution.. Smile coz either its a yes or its a no.. and we are done.. Clapno grey shades.. no ifs and no maybes.. very straight 'N' forward..ROFL

then comes binomial.. this one is for the annoying, chutter-pattar couples.. Wacko who have the incessant need to choose in every topic and issue.. D'ohso they have a yes or no for everything Shockedand so binomial - since its the distribution thats a series of bernoulli dists.LOL

then there is always the geometric distr. i would nickname this one as ekta's fav trak Sleepy- Balaji Television's favorite.. because its discrete (is always discontinuous) and by nature is also memory-less..ROFL

and how can i forget Poisson... its my fav in distributions coz, the mean and variance are always lambda (greek alphabet) Thumbs Up aur toh aur Poisson relationships bhi kuch aise hi hote hain.. lifelong pyar ke mean aur variance mein koi change nahi...Clap vadda changa haiga..!!Wink

negative binomial... it is something about the nth success on the kth trial.. Ouchnow that sounds so much like an ekta story no?LOL isse zyada negative story koi ho sakti hai bhala??Shocked

yeh toh ho gaye saare discrete distributions..Geek unki khaas baat yeh hai ki in mein full-on nok-jhok chalu rehta hai..Wink so they can be entertaining..Star almost saare ke saare TV soaps mein use ho chuke hain.. aur title hona chahiye tha.."kyunki pyar discrete hain.." ROFL ab is sentence ke kitne matlab nikalte hain.. Winkmaine jaanna bhi nahi..Tongue

coming to the continuous ones.. yahan pe options kam hain.. kyunki bahut kam stories continuous hote hain..ROFL

i like exponential most, especially compared to geometric, Big smile coz thats the fairy tale version - its continuous and no matter what atleast the relationship grows exponentially.. LOL and since that one is also memory-less it is useful in a positive way.. and helps the lovers forgive, forget ROFL and move on therby helping their relation grow..HeartAll of KJo's movies and most of SRK's end up in this category.. they ofcourse don't always start here Wink

normal distr. i think would be the old-world arranged marriage concept.. u can always normalize any arranged relationship and it has a regular bell-curve...Sillyyou start at the beginning or a low when you are strangers... then you peak in the next few years when you get to know each other better. you have a nice full life and hit the roof of the curve when you have the most understanding with each other... and then life's irony, tragedy, comedy trio kicks in and the understanding paves way for habit, routine and circumstances and then you gracefully get back to being strangers when you hit old age. although this time around, its a different category of strangers.. you have spent a lifetime together afterall yet you see each other transform and evolve over the years reacting to circumstances and age. and hence i term this as strangers relative to where they began.

now i haven't mentioned hypergeometric, lognormal, pareto, weibull and beta.. because these are the completely unromantic and messy type relationships.. why? Silly coz they are the ones that dont have 'moment' generating functions.. no future for 'em..Winkand no uniform functions, coz there ain't a love story in this world thats uniform!!SillyLOL

lastly what's common between statistical distributions and marriages?? both carry responsibility with them.. distributions have the responsibility of being the basis for analysis and decision making.. and lives depend on the strength of a marriage.. and there's my some-what-sane finish to a very random endeavor and now am back to the grind.


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