days of innocence,
full of beginnings
childhood brings hope,
wishes & many new things

never wonder where to stop
never ask why to stop
goes on the fun and the laughter
like the icing with the cherry on top

enjoy everything new,
for nothing is old
you are still so young
they are told

then a day comes
the dream ends
you have to wake up
feel the changing trends

its like shattering glass
with noise and mess
some you understand
and some much less

then comes the questions
in a way that they just do
when you have no answers
and no one to ask them to

where did my dream go?
why did i wake up
let me sleep some more
let me be a kid once more


Sometimes its best to keep silent
Sometimes Its the time to speak
Sometimes its time for the half truth
Sometimes You are not to fall weak

Sometimes you speak your mind
but so as to not break another's
Sometimes you speak your heart
but never to break another's

Sometimes you say it false
because truth can hurt your dearest
Sometimes false becomes true
because you want to be someone's nearest

Sometimes you want to be understood
without any explanations or speech
Sometimes you wonder if there is any
understanding within your reach

Sometimes you wonder how
to say it without saying
Sometimes you wonder how
to sway them without swaying

Sometimes you feel its ok
to go on bearing
Sometimes you wonder when
the time comes for sharing

Sometimes they need a reminder
sharing is caring
Sometimes you need a reminder
sparing is also caring.

Shravan's 1st Year

a year gone by, a lot to tell in grand fashion, we will bid farewell (to the year)

when he was born, he was tiny as a tadpole tiny fists, tiny toes, eyes and hair, black as coal

full of questions, a distant sigh  for when i am gone, he wonders why

twinkling eyes and a longing gaze  he welcomes me home with a warm embrace

sit and stand, climb and crawl try he will to master them all

sounds he makes, though words they are not full of expressions, he communicates a lot

stealthy as a cat, he longs to throw everything in sight, high and low

grown he has, a foot or more a long mane of hair, which we adore

a year gone by, a lot to tell through my eyes fall memories, all pell mell

Raat Abhi Baki Hai

Came across this among some old notes from a night out i pulled once.. like so many zillion other students on the planet i had a test the next day and i had waited for the oh so auspicious moment to start studying.. - the night before!!

kaante kat jaate hain ginti phir wahin laut aati hain lekin na aaye laut ke wahi pal ke dekho raat abhi baaki hai
pal se pal ka judna pannon pe panne woh mudna jaise waqt se hi ho rahi ho hamari baat ke dekho raat abhi baaki hai
jaise tanha waqt pe aaye hame taras jaane kitne uske beete baras baithe dene uska saath ke dekho raat abhi baaki hai
hamare saamne, humse chipkar milte hai woh do log jab aadhi duniya ko lagti hai neend ka rog aaj pakdenge dono ko range haath ke dekho raat abhi baaki hai
yantra chale, uske peeche koi tantra chale seekhe humne karmyog ke mantra bhale aas hai pal mein doh pal ke neend ki ki dekho raat abhi baaki hai
jab tai hai samay ka katna toh uss pe na manao koi shok le lo kisi ko apne saath ki dekho raat abhi baaki hai
aaj waqt lage pani ki tarah beh…

U Me aur Hum

There are "your's" and there are "them's"
the two of them get together, to make an "us"
and this is how goes their story thus:

Life is but a winding road
it snakes through valleys, hills and meadows
from dawn to dusk, and east to west
it brings forth all hours of shadows

Every now and then there comes a place,
your mind wanders and heart starts to yearn,
for something new and something old
and then, the road ahead takes a turn

One such bend is thus called Marriage
its a friend, its a foe, a kind of truth and a lore
its a fairy tale, its a dream, bits of it is cinematic
and there is some from never before

Its a peace and appease and then
but its a piece of work
its a train that takes us places
heaven and hell, even New York

Its a teacher and thy student
its a playground without an end
its a child without a clue
what do you know! its a timeless errand!

Its the bond between earth and moon
seamlessly moving, endless secrets to impart
as thy moon ligh…


i looked up into the sky
wondering, pondering as to why fate makes fun of us n lets us scrounge in the dust we toil at them, those curve balls from life,  but never do we get closer to figuring it out, alas, the human mind is one of a kind! layers n layers of thoughts entangled in eternity can never part one from another never will there be certainty
clear it is to us, in all this confusion
its a one-of-a-kind symphony
tragedy, comedy and action in its fusion

life likes its irony
they say change is the only constant thing in life
darn it, I am freshly out of those!! haha..

p.s. if you guyz were wondering, that is after you read the whole post, as to whats the connection between the title of the post and the verses themselves... i will advise you to read up on Derivatives and then read the last two lines again :)

Long Time, No See

फिर उन्ही राहोँ में खो  जाने दो
फिर उसी दौर में लौट जाने दो
ऐ वक़्त, आ मुझे थाम ले
फिर वोह तस्वीर अखियों में भर दे

 तन्हाई में आँखें कर लूँ बंद
और यादें बन जाए कविता के चंद
पिछली ज़िन्दगी दिल के करीब से गुज़रे
उन गलियों के दामन में मेरा आज बिसरे

खिड़कियाँ बंद, फिर भी वोह ठंडी हवा चलती है
ठण्ड में ठिठुरती हूँ और वोह गरम कॉफ़ी की हाथ पकडाती है
बर्फ भरी वादियाँ दिख जाए मुझे
कॉफ़ी  का स्वाद दे जाए ज़िन्दगी मुझे

फिर मन करता है के वोह मंजिल तै करूँ
फिर दिल चाहे उस वक़्त में लौटूं
क्या वक़्त दे पाएगा मुझे इतना सहारा
के रोह सकूँ में अपने नैनों की धारा

कहते है वक़्त मरहम है, दावा है, दुआ है
हर टूटे दिल, हर बहते आंसूं का किनारा है
वक्त ही तोह मांगे ये दिल
बस, वोह आज नहीं, आज ही तोह नहीं!!

A tad bit home sick guyz :)