i looked up into the sky
wondering, pondering as to why
fate makes fun of us
n lets us scrounge in the dust
we toil at them, those
curve balls from life, 
but never do we get closer
to figuring it out,
alas, the human mind
is one of a kind!
layers n layers of thoughts
entangled in eternity
can never part one from another
never will there be certainty
clear it is to us, in all this confusion
its a one-of-a-kind symphony
tragedy, comedy and action in its fusion

life likes its irony
they say change is the only constant thing in life
darn it, I am freshly out of those!! haha..

p.s. if you guyz were wondering, that is after you read the whole post, as to whats the connection between the title of the post and the verses themselves... i will advise you to read up on Derivatives and then read the last two lines again :) 


sun_tara_jan said…
loved it.... good that i had some knowledge in Derivatives :)

keep it up

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