Hello world.

so my first blog..

when i ramble..
ppl know its a gamble..
and so they turn arnd n scramble..
some even start to mumble
but their words start to jumble
coz their patience has started to tumble..
hmph.. so much happens when i ramble.

i am of course here for the same reason so many others are... ppl have stopped responding to my chats, buzzes, tweets, mails and calls coz they are pakao-fied by my rambles.. so i figured i should start giving them a choice of what they want to hear.. and on my part i am unhappy with the size of the audience - a couple of gud friends and some choice family whom i don't wanna lose at the expense of my hobby .. so i decided to resize it to the rest of the world and hence the title.. so ppl.. if u r so vehla that u r reduced to reading my blogs.. good luck and welcome!

anyways.. why r ppl pakao-fied by my rambles u ask.. i have recently acquired a new talent to rhyme.. mostly in our very own hindi/urdu.. herez a demo:

badal hai, baraf hai, sannata har taraf hai
sannaton ko cheerta hua, kanon mein ek dhun hai
dhun ke bol ki gehrayion se, man bhi sunn hai
magar us khwab se nazar bhi nahi hat ta, ab toh voh ek junoon hai

pyar to bepanah hai
itna ki shaayad yeh ek gunaah hai
isme hum itne masroof hai ki
iske pehle ka har lamha fanaa hai

unke nas nas se vaakif hum hai
unke dil ke har karvat se na anjaan hum hai
magar hamare khud ke pyar ko nazarandaaz kiye hum hai
apne muhabbat ke dard ko nafrat ka naam diye hum hai
phir bhi unki khuli bevafai se naraz hum hai
dil se sochen ya dimaag se? is uljhan mein padhe hum hai

so ab log itne pak gaye hain ki they have randomly started breakinig into song.. a friend of mine... started singing "mein toh aivaiyi aivaiyi lut gaya" after he heard the first few... hence the disclaimers :) anyways, sense or nonsense .. am here to stay.. :D. jhelo!!


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