U Me aur Hum

There are "your's" and there are "them's"
the two of them get together, to make an "us"
and this is how goes their story thus:

Life is but a winding road
it snakes through valleys, hills and meadows
from dawn to dusk, and east to west
it brings forth all hours of shadows

Every now and then there comes a place,
your mind wanders and heart starts to yearn,
for something new and something old
and then, the road ahead takes a turn

One such bend is thus called Marriage
its a friend, its a foe, a kind of truth and a lore
its a fairy tale, its a dream, bits of it is cinematic
and there is some from never before

Its a peace and appease and then
but its a piece of work
its a train that takes us places
heaven and hell, even New York

Its a teacher and thy student
its a playground without an end
its a child without a clue
what do you know! its a timeless errand!

Its the bond between earth and moon
seamlessly moving, endless secrets to impart
as thy moon light, shines upon my face
the voice in my head says, till death us do part!


sun_tara_jan said…
wow...i just loved every bit of it..i get it..marriage is like ugadhi pachdi :)

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