Shravan's 1st Year

a year gone by, a lot to tell
in grand fashion, we will bid farewell (to the year)

when he was born, he was tiny as a tadpole
tiny fists, tiny toes, eyes and hair, black as coal

full of questions, a distant sigh 
for when i am gone, he wonders why

twinkling eyes and a longing gaze 
he welcomes me home with a warm embrace

sit and stand, climb and crawl
try he will to master them all

sounds he makes, though words they are not
full of expressions, he communicates a lot

stealthy as a cat, he longs to throw
everything in sight, high and low

grown he has, a foot or more
a long mane of hair, which we adore

a year gone by, a lot to tell
through my eyes fall memories, all pell mell


Reka Mukund said…
Awesome it!

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