Daddy Dearest :)

so its been a while since i've been in here.. but occasion calls.. :) this yr is a celebration for papa and herez one for him.. 

sixty welcomes you, take a seat
you walked all the way, such a wonderful feat *claps*
lemme tell you of what i know
in words few, nice n neat

late to bed, early to rise,
dad u've grown old n wise
its a celebration today, so we'll behave
pakka promise i'll play nice *wink wink*

wisdom n Wisden, Coffee n Cricket, 
scores of runs u've made, wicket to wicket
words flow as i think of you, for
u show like a firefly amidst a thicket

you greet mornings,
you bid nights adieu
when do u catch a wink dad?
we ain't got a clue

remember the days of yore
when we felt like life was a bore
you cracked up a wise joke
n then it became a folklore :p

at times we bugged you to no end
times, you felt we needed a mend
you made a noise that sounded like a thunder
after which we didnt have a ear to lend

u love to listen, less to talk
u can't live without ur morning walk
if u see me with you (on the walk), u stare n gawk
for all my quirks, you love to mock

patience, yours is like a Hummer on the road
rugged n strong, weathered n cured!
may we borrow some? for we need it dearly
a pint of it will be an adequate load!

sixty welcomes you, once u were a young lad
we know not those days, for you were alwayz our dad!
but herez ur chance at a second childhood
now you start again at One, loads more to add!

we'll take care of ur children, don't be sad
i'll stop rhyming now, don't be mad!
gone u've been for quite a while now
waiting for you to come home, we love u dad :)


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